Common Symptoms of Electro Sensitivity

EMF/RF Radiation exposure is increasing exponentially, not only with 5G, but also with consumers demand, with the support of an industry and the FCC making consumers believe that wireless radiation is safe. In reality, many people have symptoms of overexposure but do not make the connection, and the majority of health practitioners are not also making the connection. Here you can find the protocol to check if your symptoms are indeed EMF related.

  • Insomnia/sleep disturbances
  • Headaches, sharp pains
  • Tingling, numbness
  • Pressure in head/throat/chest/ears
  • Ringing in ears/tinnitus
  • Dizziness, balance issues
  • Electrical buzzing or ‘zapping’ in head
  • Visual/hearing disturbances
  • Eye irritation
  • Short-term memory loss, mental/thought block, concentration problems
  • Skin rashes, eczema
  • Chronic dehydration, insatiable thirst
  • Altered heart rate, palpitations, blood pressure anomalies
  • Tremors, tics, seizures
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Joint dysfunction, musculoskeletal pains
  • Increased chemical sensitivity and/or allergies
  • Sensory overload, inability to rest/relax/heal

How to know if related to EMF/RF? Try Dr. Jelter’s Protocol:
Reduce your exposure for 2 weeks: turn off everything wireless, at night
and daytime*
At night, also reduce your exposure to electric/magnetic fields and dirty
electricity (DE) by turning off the breakers related to the bedroom’s circuits.
Daytime, whenever possible, keep 4-6 feet distance from appliances and
wiring in the walls and floors. To know where the wires run under the floor,
use an EMF meter, or ask an EMF radiation consultant to find out for you.
Not always evident how-to, and maybe overwhelming? Call us with any
questions or help.
Dr. Toril Jelter in California works with parents of autistic children and ask
them to try that protocol: Some of the children get better after 3-4 days and
up to 80% of children get better after 2 weeks of reduced EMF/RF
exposure. That protocol can work for you too. Your first thought may be:
“Two weeks without all those wireless devices I love/need, no, too extreme
or difficult”, but worth it, priceless, if you start to feel better.

*Turn off all wireless devices (transmitters), for maximum radiation
reduction: Sorry, long list, but showing how much RF pollution we can be
exposed to, without knowing it:
Smartphones, iPads, Kindles, Wi-Fi modems, and routers, range
extenders, wireless computers, wireless printers, wireless keyboards,
wireless mice, wireless speakers, wireless headphones and earpieces,
wireless garage door openers, wireless door locks, wireless doorbells,
wireless baby monitors, wireless surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi video
cameras, Wi-Fi digital photo frames, smart thermometers, smart
thermostats, smart yoga mats, smart indoor lighting, smart security
systems, voice controllers, gesture controllers, smart buttons, smart alarm
clocks, smart air quality monitors, smart smoke and carbon monoxide
detectors, smart navigation systems, connected exercise machines, fitness
trackers, sleep trackers, location trackers, blood pressure monitors, heart
rate monitors, CPAP machines, smart appliances, controllers of smart
appliances, beacons for home automation, smart ovens, smart irrigation
systems, wireless garden sensors, Click and Grow Herb Gardens, smart
grill thermometers, smart sprinkler controllers, smart air conditioners, smart
TVs, video streaming devices for TVs, wireless gaming consoles, wireless
leak detectors, smartwatches, smart bracelets, smart air purifiers, smart
home vent systems, remote pet feeders, smart light bulbs, Bluetooth-
connected espresso machines, and Bluetooth-connected cookers.
From: A new survey by Deloitte: the average American household contains
25 different wireless devices.