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8/16/21: Historic Win Against FCC on 5G & Wireless Health Guidelines

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8/16/21: Historic Win Against FCC on 5G & Wireless Health Guidelines

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8/13/21: In Historic Decision, Federal Court Orders FCC to explain Why It Ignored Scientific Evidence Showing Harm from Wireless Radiation

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8/02/21 OHA’s Deceitful Report On Wireless Harm To Kids

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7/22/2021, Letter to Representative Peter De Fazio and to OPB News Hour

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7/7/2021, 68 organizations representing over one million people filed an amicus brief in support of Children’s Health Defense’s (CHD) case against the FCC, asking the court to overturn FCC’s OTARD rule amendment.

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Why 5G Alert

Are you concerned about health, surveillance, privacy, children’s safety…?
If so, then you need to know about 5G!
• 5G was not premarket safety tested
• Increases radiation exposure
• Children are more affected
• No oversight by health authority
• No environmental review
• Increases energy usage
• Increases e-waste and pollution
• Lowers property values
• Local authority overruled
• Loss of privacy
• Uninsured liability
• Cyber security risks
• Surveillance
• Hacking, Data Mining*

*Banks computers are all wired to prevent hacking of your personnel information. Your cell
phone and wireless routers can be accessed by skilled hackers.

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More Images of 5G Small Cells

5G Free Oregon position:

5G antennas should not be deployed without environmental impacts studies being conducted first, including impacts on human health.

Utilize hardwired connections to buildings and within homes, schools, and businesses.      

We appreciate any new energy you can bring to our group. Financial contributions are tax-
deductible and can be sent to:   PO Box 82412 Portland OR 97282 or by PayPal. Your contribution(s) will be used to help stop 5G, recruit volunteers, educate communities about 4G/5G, develop our social media presence, and pay for legal fees.