Easy Reading Scientific Articles

“Healthy Schools,  A Call for Best Practices with Wireless Radiation from Authorities Across the World”. An excellent review of the research and need  for action citing the call from various authorities  around the world. Article

Health Effects of Radio Microwave Exposure.  A beautiful, graphically illustrated review of the science,  compellingly presented. Article

“Saying Good-Bye to WiFi: A Waldorf School Takes a Precautionary Step”.  Although main focus is on WiFi,  the article summarizes easily the science, health effects of RF radiation in general, and presents the statements and actions various scientists, institutions and countries.  Best to start with second page of article. Article

Wireless broadband Internet access is all the rage. The noise is drowning out concerns for this technology’s risks” – a  review of  science & specifically of a scientist, Dr. Henry Lai,  under attack by industry for his findings of DNA biological damage from wireless RF/microwave emissionsArticle

What is Electromagnetic Energy and Radiation, differences between manmade and natural radiation: Article