EMF/RF Survey and Remediation

WEA Possible Support for Electro Sensitive people and other people at risk

Part of our mission is to provide services at reduced rates or on a sliding scale to people who are affected by the wireless technologies and as a result have lost part or all of their income. Please note that many of you may not know that your 24/7 EMF radiation exposure is making you sick. Few doctors know how to properly diagnose EMF electro sensitivity. One way to find out is:

  1. An EMF/RF survey: it will show you the extent of your exposure.
  2. Reduce or eliminate your exposure.
  3. If you follow our recommendations, some or many of your symptoms may disappear. This has been demonstrated by a Pediatrician (Dr. Toril Jelter) with autistic children, in a 2 weeks protocol where up to 80% of children got better, some only after 5 or 6 days. Electro sensitive (ES) people can get better, some in a matter of days or weeks.

Cost of a Survey

Residential Survey: Pricing starts at $350. based on size of the house. Ask for an estimate.
Buying a house or a lot: you can ask for a survey before deciding to buy. It will tell you how safe it is for you and your family and what has to be done to make it safer.
Building a new house: we can provide you with a wiring protocol and shielding options so the house has very low EMF overall, and particularly in sleeping areas.

    Why a Survey?

    Because you cannot smell, see, hear or feel EMF radiation, the best way to realize it is real is with the use of meters. They produce a specific sound for each radio frequency (RF) or EMF source, and a reading of the power of that field. With those physical signs, you can now become fully aware of your radiation exposure; it is no more invisible. It shows you if it is coming from your wiring & appliances, wireless equipment, or from outside sources, your neighbors’ equipment (Wi-Fi routers, smart meters…), and from cell phones towers and other distant sources.

    Electro-Magnetic Fields Remediation

    The easiest way to reduce your exposure is turning off smart phones, Wi-Fi and all wireless devices when not using them, or replacing them by wired connections, turning off breakers for the bedroom circuits at night, or moving away beds or furniture from high EMF fields.
    That may seem extreme to you at first, but it is the best way to prevent health problems later in life.

    Shielding is the next step: based on the EMF testing results, building biology recommends different shielding options, sometimes done by steps, followed by measuring the fields again and moving on to the next step. RF signals bounce on different surfaces. For example, after shielding the wall your neighbor’s Wi-Fi comes through, other RF sources may come from other directions. Retesting the fields shows if more needs to be done or not.

    Shielding options:

    • Black paint or graphite paint is the most cost effective in many situations. It will block more than 99% of the signal with one coat. You then cover it with the color of your choice
    • Aluminum window screens (they block the Radio Frequency fields because the mesh holes are smaller than the signal width) or transparent shielding films for windows
    • Aluminum foil works for walls, attic, and floors
    • Bed Canopies made of cotton or polyester with copper/silver treads inside
    • Same material by the yard, to use as curtains or on walls and doors, or to make protective clothes
    • Electric fields are easily shielded with grounded mesh, foil, graphite paint, shielded power cords…
    • Magnetic fields are often caused by wiring code violations which need to be corrected up to code. When caused by appliances or other sources, shielding is then the only resort, but very expensive. First step is to keep a distance from the source, then shielding
    • Dirty electricity is addressed with special filters, but is reduced first by cutting off the many sources causing it when possible