Dec 1st, 2020
   5G Free Oregon recently sent the following letter to the mayor and the city councilors of Portland following the completed legal research 5G/WEA commissioned with a national expert, Andrew Campanelli. 
Please contact the members of the city council  to voice your concerns about the 5G deployment.

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Dec 7th, 2020
   Press Release:
       In response to sporadic public outcry over cell tower placement, City officials have repeatedly said, “our hands are tied” citing “legal limitations” within the Telecommunications Act. Campanelli’s report explicitly dispels that notion saying it is untrue. Campanelli faults the Office of Community Technology for embracing “erroneous and misguided interpretations of the law”. “The City has no idea the extent to which it may exercise its authority to control placement of wireless facilities and clearly lacks a basic understanding of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.”

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