Videos and Films


2 parts: “Wi-Fi in Schools: Radiation Dangers in the Classroom” Contrasts actual RF/micrwove radiation in measured numbers between clean environment vs high WIFI and cell tower environment. Also presents excellent research on harmful effects and discusses lack of federal regulations. Can be applied to host of RF exposures, cell towers, smart meters etc.

Part 1                                 Part 2

Microwave Ovens – Visualizing Microwaves – how they work: excellent Video demonstrating power & complexity of microwaves

Wifi in Schools true or False: Again, Video has great graphics and explanation of Spectrum and Electromagnetic science. Can be applied to many RF emitting devices.

An Australian ABC TV documentary: Video covers many topics: main emphasis is on cell phones, covers research findings, RF readings from different devices, industry coercion tactics and more.

Boeing Planes test Wifi in cabin: Show Radiation Hot spots and emission in computer graphic simulation. Video addresses the precautions and scientific calculations were needed to ensure instruments were not conflicted with and WIFI would be evenly disbursed.

Wi-Fi Dangers – BBC Panorama (2 of 2): Shows Wifi emanating in the streets and emanating from a router with sound.

Smart Meters: Comprehensive discussion EMF impacts & Smart Meter technology impact by Rob States in Santa Cruz presentation. Discusses Sutro Towers & contrasts radiation with 24 hr Smart meter exposure.

Computers & Brain Changes: Change in Brain Development, cognition through overexposure by computers and electronic information sound bites. Arrests development of Brain. Recent research show 30% drop in empathy by children over last 3 decades and other emotional/ behavioral trends. Speaker says trends are not causal of a particular environmental change, but do deserve investigation. Great Graphs and Images of Brain changes with overexposure to computers.

Cell phone Exposure: Hugh Taylor VIDEO presentation on Mice, pregnancy ADHD and young children behavior.


Take Back Your Power (88 min) 2013: Investigating the Smart Grid, by Josh Del Sol
The best film showing all the hidden implications and agendas around the Smart Grid deployment. The film has already won 3 awards, and with its English, French & Spanish sub-titles, it is viewed by thousands around the world.