Worldwide Actions

Worldwide Opposition Governments are taking action to stop 5G. Dozens of cities
in Italy, the U.K., the U.S., and Switzerland are passing resolutions/ restrictions to
halt the 5G roll-out until adequate safety testing has been done. Several countries
recommend reducing children’s exposures to cellular phone radiation.

Apr 29, 2020; Updated Apr 30, 2020

DNA damage, brain cancer: 434 doctors and 900 Belgian health professionals sound the alarm
on 5G, signed by 434 Belgian doctors and more than 1000 health professionals…
What about 5G?
“The installation of 5G will require significant relaxation of standards that are already far too
In addition, this technology, which presents technical specificities different from technologies of
previous generations, has not been the subject of preliminary health studies. Some scientists
fear an increase in the occurrence of skin cancer and eye damage linked to the use of higher
carrier frequencies.
In addition, the multiplication of the number of relay antennas necessary for the installation of
the 5G network and the absolute hyper-connectivity in which it will precipitate society will
impose a general and certain increase in the levels of exposure of the populations…
This would also amount to a breach of the Nuremberg Code since it would ultimately be an
experiment on humans without his consent, without certainty that the benefit to society is
greater than the risk incurred…”

Summary of article, translated from Belgian French News

    The actions taken may be in the form of policy recommendations or legal mandates to reduce Wireless radiation exposure to the Public, especially for children

    Most Comprehensive List:

    Current until 2014: