Why 5g Alert

The 5G small cell antennas deployment is now happening at record speed. If you’re like most people, you may believe that radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi is safe. But, what if you only have part of the story?

As we speak, the telecoms and their site developers are installing 5G small cell antennas on residential streets close to your homes, businesses, and schools. Despite it being a new technology, it is still reliant on 4G signals to make it work. The 5G small cell antennas use a directed beam that is activated on demand by your smart phone, while also transmitting 4G signals. What this means to you and your loved ones is 24/7 higher radiation exposure.

This consistent exposure, whose ill effects are often hidden from the public, may cause health concerns for you and your children.

What many don’t know is that telecoms and their contractors get a monthly check for each antenna they install, hundreds more than if they install them on high towers away from residential areas.

Unfortunately, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) often overrules local authority, so many communities feel as though their hands are tied. To overcome this, we have retained the services of a specialized attorney with 27 years of experience to help support and encourage municipalities to take back their power. Local city councils have more power than they realize.

To further this new action, we need your support. Your contribution will be used to pay for legal fees, recruit volunteers, educate communities about 4G/5G, and develop our social media presence – all with the main goal of halting 5G deployment.

Please understand, we are not against technology. Rather, we advocate for wired internet connections over wireless. Ironically, this approach is faster, more reliable, and safer, while preventing remote surveillance and data collection.

5G Free Oregon is a part of Wireless Education Action, a non-profit run by a group of volunteers for 7 years. You can find more information on who we are and our accomplishments in the About page.

Independently funded Scientific Research on EMF Health impacts is available on this website under our Science and Resources pages, and on Dr. Martin Pall’s page.